EightVape Ralph Concepcion September 14, 2022

EightVape is an online vape store offering industry-leading selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories.

Currently serving as the Senior Graphic Designer since 2018: creating vast creative designs for the website, email campaigns using MailChimp, as well as social media promotion.

Banner Designs

Product Ad Banners

These are some of the banners I made for website, social media and e-mail campaigns to introduce new products and/or  promote slow moving inventory. 

Product Ad Banners

Category Banners

Square-size graphics I designed to promote certain category (collection) page mainly in e-mail campaigns and social media.

Promotional Banners

These are collection of my designs that geared towards conversion. Emphasizing discount and/or price over product details. 

Promotional Banners

Holiday Promotional Banners

Every holiday we engage in to a big holiday sale. Its kind of like Black Friday for every holiday at EightVape. The process is once the Marketing Manager sends me a list of promotions I will then create a long graphics that can be divided into individual banners to be placed on product category page that the discount pertains to.

We use these long banner for emails and a page in EightVape’s website to house all the banners where customers can easily pick and choose which collection of participating products to browse.

Click here to see an example directly on EightVape’s website.

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